Absolute Solutions was invited into a mattress manufacturing factory to see if it would be possible to add 40% more machinery on the shop floor.

Each machine had a very large coil of wire with a steel frame and an oil tray, approximately 7 foot square, in front of the machinery. The machinery also needed access for a forklift to remove and replace the wire holder when depleted, it was found that to do this safely, an envelope of 12 foot by 10 foot was required.

The solution that Absolute Solutions came up with, was to remove the frames and oil trays from the current position and have a purpose built area away from the machinery and the wire would be loaded from above the machine. This not only allowed for more floor space in critical areas but also made it easier for the forklifts to access the wire holders and replace them. We then designed and manufactured an oil coating box (10″ x 6″x 3″ large) which would be positioned at the wire feed inlets of the machinery. The wire passes through these boxes and the rollers within them coats the wire with a sufficient coating of oil, to prevent problems associated with corrosion.

In conclusion, the solutions that the team came up with saved space in front of the machinery and actually improved the safety of the workers, for two reasons. Firstly, no wire was being loaded near the operators of the machinery and secondly, the coating boxes reduced the high concentrations of oil being found on the floor near the oil trays, causing potential for the workers to slip.