Absolute Solutions was called into a bedding factory to design and manufacture a four headed drilling machine capable of drilling a single, a double and king size headboard all using the same JIG.

They were currently drilling one at a time using a template but this method could not keep up with demand and production targets, so we were asked to come up with a solution in a required and could only use pneumatics to power the machinery.

After discussing the specification of the machine and agreeing the time scales with the client, the project was started. The machine was designed, manufactured and fitted on site with safety guards and sensors, in the original allotted five week deadline. The drilling equipment was setup and tested with several operators, at required production levels. This made sure the machine could achieve the required production levels whilst being “fool-proof” in terms of its usability. This testing period was also used to make sure that the on-site healthy and safety team were happy with its presented design.

Since the first machine was delivered, several more have been ordered and installed. Those original machines are still being used today, nine years on!