Minimum time saved per shift in production

FDM Inspection Fixtures

Absolute Solutions was recently asked to improve the efficiency of a metrology process. The client was checking finished production parts manually with a laser scanner at the start of every shift. This was not only time consuming but not effective in achieving sample sizes for inspection, consequently, this resulted in high rejection rates. We assessed the part and designed a fixture around the provided CAD data but quickly realised the complex profiles would be difficult to machine. The answer to this problem was to use FDM (fused deposition modelling) based 3D printing. The printed inspection fixtures were made out of tough, wear-resistant thermoplastics with metal inserts for locating pins. These inspection fixtures not only allowed the client’s employees to check the production parts quickly but also reduced the demand on the inspection department. Images of the CAD model and the resulting finished product with fitted checking gauges can be seen in the gallery.

  • Reduces downtime associated with inspection process
  • Fixtures designed to be “fool-proof”, no training required
  • Achieve sample rates required
  • Check complex profiles with ease
  • Inspection fixtures significantly cheaper than their fully machined counterparts