Absolute Solutions was called to a UK manufacturer of bale trailers, who were having problems with the bases of their trailers, moving often out of tolerance both geometrically and dimensionally. This was identified to be in relation to current robotic welding JIGs.

Upon arrival, we were shown photo evidence of the base not being flat and the locating holes moving in various directions, this prevented the base being fitted correctly to the sides and the chassis. It was also noted that the company had approached another engineering company to solve this problem and after some persistence from them, they also could not keep the manufactured parts within tolerance.

The base of the trailer was manufactured in two stages to enable for welds underneath and on top of the part, as well as for some additional brackets. After watching the robotic welding cells being run and loaded, we noticed that the base was being located onto the second stage using different datums/locating pins. This meant that the original datums were not being used for positioning the brackets and this would cause further errors in the manufacturing process.

After identifying this as a possible source of error, we then took some measurements and returned to base to design and manufacture the parts required to maintain the original datum positions. Absolute Solutions then returned to fit the designed the parts and make the adjustments required. The team stayed on site for a production level test of the newly fitted JIGs and all parts that came off the line were well within the specified tolerances.