We were recently approached by Liverpool John Moores University, who were doing a research project on wear rates within modular hip protheses and researching how the different materials used in these assemblies interact with each other. The University wanted somebody to work with them and machine parts for the wear testing rig.

They came to Absolute Solutions because they couldn’t find a supplier to manufacture the high tolerance parts that required CNC milling, grinding and turning and approached companies could only do parts of the job. The researchers wanted somebody to complete the whole project from beginning to the end though. Absolute Solutions worked with the academic staff throughout and  they used our knowledge to guide them on some of the design issues related to the assembly and the manufacturability of the components.

Once we recieved the finalised drawings, we was asked to go through the designs and attend a meeting with the research team to discuss how to improve the tolerances, the manufacturing process and the handling of the components. Once this was completed, the team worked out the best way to separate all the tested parts without damaging the surfaces. Any imperfections could lead to poor or false results.

We manufactured the components as requested and delivered on time, and then got them ready for build. After the experience of the first research project working together, we are looking forward to many more projects together.