Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Technology, Today.

Absolute Solutions is a precision engineering company that implements the latest technology to deliver an end product to its customers that`s both innovative and cost effective. The company specialises in tool design (tooling, JIGs and fixtures) which are all manufactured on-site at our manufacturing facility (located in Barnoldswick, Lancashire).

The company started as a toolroom with manual and CNC machinery providing very high quality fixtures / tooling and work holding devices to the Aerospace and Automotive industries, once the manual or pneumatic fixtures were positioned on the production line, we then added another service as a quick response unit to production down time on production lines due to the reliability and quality of our service. With the experience of working on various production lines we now designed and manufactured robotic tooling/fixtures and work holding devices for full production/Assembly lines, while adding POKE YOKE and Lean Manufacturing processes.

FDM (Fused deposition modelling) 3D Printing is one of the latest technological advances to Absolute Solutions which offers our customers an alternative to often expensive and sometimes un-machinable fixtures and tooling, there is also a vast array of materials which are now available ranging from heat resistant/durable plastics to high precision plastics. Using our in house 3D printing service we can offer a full design and manufacturing process that can be used for production lines and also in Metrological/inspection departments.

Absolute Solutions consultancy has been used in businesses such as Automotive, Aerospace, Bedding, Bottling Plants and Printing companies to eradicate production downtime and increase the quality of the customers final product.

” If you don`t know how to resolve a problem, they will deliver a solution.”
” Absolute have got to know our requirements and they always deliver
a quality job on time. “
” They are always there when others have let you down. “